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How to transform your kitchen with new doors, drawer fronts and counter tops

Your kitchen is undeniably one of the rooms where you spend most time at. Over the years your kitchen’s look may have started to become a bit obsolete, and you are yearning to replace it. However you cannot imagine spending all that money involved in ordering and installing a new kitchen. Apart from that, there is a lot of hassle involved to remove all that stuff from inside the cabinets, dismantle and remove the cabinets and worktops, and then go through the installation of the new kitchen. There is however no need to go through all this. You can transform your kitchen by carrying out some changes which will still make a big impact on its final look.

Always Have a Professional Fit a Kitchen Worktop. Image credit: Wickes

You can actually transform your kitchen with new doors and drawer fronts, and by installing new countertops. It is a much more feasible option, especially if your cabinets are still in good condition. It is also more affordable, and more environmentally friendly too. In fact many homeowners are opting for these kinds of facelifts rather than ordering a new kitchen.

If you were to think of it, the first thing anyone notices about a kitchen are the cabinet doors and drawers. They make up the aesthetic element of the kitchen, as well as its style. So removing the old cabinet doors and drawer fronts, and ordering or making new ones will make a huge difference. Besides it will neither take long, nor cost you that much. Cabinet doors for kitchens come in a myriad of colours and styles. You can go for a more modern look such as melamine covered MDF in various colours, or something more traditional, such as wooden doors with glass panels.

There are many professional installers who will design new cabinet doors and drawer fronts for your kitchen and take care of the installation as well. To complement these new doors and drawers you will also need to choose handles or knobs. These will also make a big difference on how your kitchen will look.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets is Fairly Easy. Image credit: DIY Network

Besides the doors and drawers, the kitchen worktop is another integral and imperative element in your kitchen. Therefore if you replace your current worktop you are going to make a big difference on the kitchen’s style and decor. There are many materials one can opt for when it comes to kitchen countertops, most of which are more stain and scratch resistant than your current worktops for sure. Laminate worktops are among the most cost efficient options, but you can opt for the more expensive quartz or granite options which look great and last for years. It will depend on how much you intend to spend, but in either case all of these options come in a wide range of colours and styles, so as to suit anyone’s preferences and kitchen style.

It is important to entrust the job to a professional kitchen installer who will be able to ensure that the work is carried out properly. All in all, the final cost will definitely be just a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen, and you will still be very pleased with the look and realise your home’s full potential with one of the most cost cutting kitchen makeovers imaginable.

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