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How to remedy a 014 error on a NOW TV Set-Top Box

While using your NOW TV Box chances are that you often encounter the 014 error code. It is indeed one of the most common errors that crop up, and so it is best to know how to go about fixing this issue.

A Typical Non-Descript Now TV Error Screen. Image credit: Vodzilla

The error message states that you need to verify that the wireless router is turned on. It also states that you need to make sure that you have entered the password correctly. At this point, you are also reminded that passwords are case sensitive, as this could have been the problem. Once you have checked this out, you should be good to go. However the error message may still come up, and in that case you will need to know how to fix it. So here is a step by step guide which you can follow easy to enable you to do this.

  1. You will need to press certain buttons on your NOW TV remote control so as to go to the ‘Platform Secret’ screen.
  2. Press the Home button five times.
  3. Then press the Fast Forward button once.
  4. Press the Play button once.
  5. Press the Rewind button once.
  6. Once again press the Play button once.
  7. And then press the Fast Forward button once.
  8. After following this sequence of buttons, you should arrive on the ‘Platform Secret’ screen. If you have the current black NOW TV box, press on the ‘Systems Operations Menu’ and then click on the ‘Disable Network Pings’ option. If your NOW TV box is the older version in white, you will just have to choose the ‘Disable Network Pings’ option as it will be immediately accessible.
  9. After doing this, you should press the ‘Back’ button on your remote control. This is marked by an arrow pointing backwards. The button will need to be pressed until you arrive on the ‘Connection Setup’ screen.
  10. Once you are on this screen, try to connect to your network again. You will need to enter the right network ID and its password.
Black Standard Now TV Box. Image credit: Qwik Number

By following this step by step guide you should have managed to solve the problem. However, in case the problem persists, then the only option now is to hard reset your NOW TV box, and then try to connect it to your wireless network once again. However, the above guide should be a problem solver in the case of the error 014.