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How to Choose a Suitable Divorce Lawyer

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When one is faced with a divorce, it is normal to feel confused and uneasy. There are so many things that need to be taken into account and decided from now on. Therefore, many people tend to contact the first divorce lawyer that they find, without giving much thought as to whether he or she is indeed the best choice or not.

Choosing a suitable divorce lawyer is very important as he/she will be the one who will be guiding you through the whole process. Trying out different divorce lawyers is not recommended as it is a waste of time and money to do this. However, you do not want to end up sticking with a divorce lawyer who you do not feel confident with. So it is important to know what to look for when looking for a divorce lawyer.

Divorce Figures are Actually Falling in the UK. Image credit: Daily Mail

Here are some tips which will help you make a good choice:

The Role of your Divorce Lawyer

The divorce lawyer is a legal professional, and so it is important to bear this in mind. You cannot consider him/her to be your therapist, even though at the time you feel you need emotional support. However the divorce lawyer is primarily there to assist you through the legal intricacies of your divorce. So to strike a good balance between these two needs, try to find a divorce lawyer who is also able to be emphatic.

Being Focused & Realistic

The divorce process is generally a long and tedious one, not to mention emotional and expensive so if possible, you may want to explore alternatives to divorce. You need a lawyer who, apart from knowing his/her job, is also able to get you divorced quickly. To do this you cannot end up focusing on every little material thing. The more litigious you are, the more time consuming and expensive the divorce will trun out to be. So a realistic and objective demeanour is important here. The divorce lawyer will try to help in the reasoning of things, the effects of each decision, and finally the negotiation of the final terms.

The Average Cost of Divorce is £44,000 According to Aviva. Image credit: This Is Money

Researching & Interviewing

Spending some time researching different divorce lawyers and asking for recommendations is very important. Nowadays, this process is simplified thanks to the internet, where you can look up reviews too so as to see what other clients had to say about their experience with that particular lawyer. Once you have shortlisted some potential divorce lawyers who have good reviews and ratings, and thus seem to be professional and helpful, you may wish to interview them one by one so as to get a better idea of how you feel with each one of them before choosing one.

You will need a divorce lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable, and at the same time patient with you. You deserve to understand the process and what is going on, and so a good lawyer will also be willing to communicate with you, solve problems and be empathetic. Another word of caution – be aware of whether the lawyer is able to make time for you. If you notice that most of the time he/she answers calls or is distracted by other cases, stay away from him/her. You need to hire a lawyer who is ethical, respectful and attentive to your case.

Bearing these tips in mind will help you determine the suitability of a divorce lawyer. You also need to focus on your needs. Every case is different from another. You may be more concerned about getting the proper portion of your assets and property rather than anything else. Conversely, when there are children involved, there may be more pressure on divorce guardianship matters. Should there be problems with harassment, you will most probably be seeking proper protection from harassment and injunctions primarily. So, you need to discuss your case in depth with the lawyer so as to determine whether he/she is the most suitable divorce lawyer for your particular needs and wishes. Property disputes tend to be less problematic than disputes which revolve around emotional matters like child protection and harassment. So make sure to choose a divorce lawyer who has experience in that particular field.

The choice of your divorce lawyer will most likely be the main determinant of the outcome of your case. So, the importance of choosing a good divorce lawyer can never be emphasized strongly enough. Take your time in reviewing potential divorce lawyers and try not to be quick in making your choice. Even though some lawyers may charge higher fees than others, in the long run experience and skill in handling divorce matters will pay off. So, try to avoid placing costs as the primary factor when choosing a divorce lawyer. His or her experience, skill, character and dedication will ultimately make a huge difference in how your divorce case proceeds, and how satisfied you end up being, or not.