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8 Vital Questions You Must Ask Your Exhibition Stand Designer

When it comes to advertising at public events and trade shows choosing an exhibition stand builder is not an easy decision. It is very important to choose a reliable company who is able to spend the right amount of time for planning and considering your business objectives. Every single organisation is unique and is treated as such when creating an exhibition stand that will mesmerise an audience and provide marketing impact. Within this article, there are eight common questions about exhibition stand building and the answers are also contained inside as you read below.

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The Most Common Questions About About Building Exhibition Stands

Making an impact at a trade show with an exhibition stand is of prime importance and will either make or break your marketing investment. Choosing the right builder for exhibition stands is a key aspect to success at a trade show or convention you plan on making an appearance at. The following are very common questions followed by answers about finding a suitable builder for your exhibits:

Q1: Do I have to arrange or pay for my exhibition stand to be put together before the event?

This is a good question and the answer is no. The company you choose should arrange and schedule putting together the exhibition stand as well as taking it apart with the event organisers. The installation team should be ready and will build and deconstruct your exhibit with the required time limits with expertise and professionalism.

Q2: How much creativity and input can I place into the design process?

With exhibition stand planning and creativity, clients should be allowed to offer as much creative input or as little as they would like. With many years of experience with building exhibition stands, the company that is chosen should have a good idea of what is needed whilst being open for guidance and advice from clients. With experience in helping clients, you will find that experience gives an exhibit building company a specialised knowledge and attention to detail that brings results.

Q3: Am I able to include custom features and design elements?

With a highly skilled team of professionals that include carpenters, electricians, decorators as well as welders there are virtually unlimited options available to put imagination and ideas into physical reality. A team of professionals should expertly craft a unique exhibit that will meet your requirements and will both draw attention and put across your needed marketing features.

Q4: Is there someone available to answer questions or concerns from the beginning design stage all the way to take it down?

A dedicated account manager should take you through the entire process of designing to building your exhibit. This person will discuss your project and learn of your organisations needs and objectives. The dedicated account manager will help with the smaller details and will help realise your objectives as required.

Q5: Are The Logistics In The Run Up Of The Event Taken Care Of?

The exhibition contractors should pack and deliver everything that is required for your exhibition stand. No matter the location or size of your display, they should accommodate your needs and this is part of the service which relieves any stress or unforeseen problems.

Q6: Will I Be Able To See What My Stand Will Look Like Before The Show?

Yes you should. The beginning process of designing the exhibition stand should include detailed visual plans that will ensure the design of your exhibition stand meets your satisfaction. Sample 3D mockups are available for consideration which makes the process run smoother and will give your team plenty of material to work with before the day of the event.

Q7: Are arrangements like refreshments and branded giveaways available?

Yes, this is possible. Some clientele will have specific details they need for the exhibition or venue. Your chosen company should be flexible and give you the option of taking care of these details for you such as refreshments and branded giveaways. Just talk to the exhibition stand building company you plan on speaking with.

Q8: Are Exhibition Stand Builders Approved Or Guarantee Results?

Many custom exhibition stand builders are known for professionalism and attention to detail. Good companies are also certified by the Event Supplier and Services Association. This is an industry trade body who recognises and regulates event supply companies. What this means is that you will be ensured to have your goods delivered as promised.

Choosing the right exhibition stand builder should be the first thing on your checklist and asking these questions are necessary to finding the best. Follow this guideline and you will have greater chances of a successful exhibition.